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Manière Noire

Manière Noire is an art space founded in 2011. Two exhibition formats have started since late 2014: the series APPROPRIATING LANGUAGE and PICTURE WINDOW.


APPROPRIATING LANGUAGE is a group of exhibitions in continuity. This series concentrates on ideas, subsequently, on artistic practices, in which language operates in close alignment with images. Since no form is intrinsically superior to another, the artist may use any form, from an expression of words (written or spoken) to physical reality, equally. (Sol LeWitt, Sentences on Conceptual Art, 1969.)

PICTURE WINDOW Series deals with the visitor seeing a work of art only from outside. These presentations last briefly. Also, there are (by convention) no vernissages, no finissages. The window of the gallery plays a dual role, that of a binder, but also that of the divider between the artist and viewer.



I find something–like language–immaterial, yet terrestrial, something circular that returns to itself across both poles while–cheerfully–even crossing the tropics: I find ... a meridian. (Excerpt from the speech given by Paul Celan in Darmstadt on reception of the Georg-Büchner-Prize, 1960)   

For almost a century art has made text an integral part of itself. Furthermore, in times of technological acceleration, visual representations have changed too. Artists use freely different mediums of expression - separately or combined. The multimedia employed in a work of art enrich, quicken and facilitate a conversation between artists and their audience.

Language is immanent in the creative process. Feelings are translated into thoughts (images or sentences), and the artists give them a perceptible shape. Making art can be easily comparable to writing poetry, (as poesis too means: to make, to create). Besides, reading  an image resembles to reading a text.

The outstanding attempts of the interdisciplinary collaborations  in the last century, the experiments of the surrealists, Black Mountain College, the New York School of Poetry, or the Fluxus movement are evidence of the immense force and potential that lays in the conjunction between the fields.

The APPROPRIATING LANGUAGE series derived from personal reflections upon conceptual art. Its title (appropriation) hinted not the intentional borrowing of images and objects of other artists by recontextualizing pre-existing images or objects. In fact, it referred to its etymological definition: making one’s own - a conscious selection and utilization of a chosen system of communication.  

The aim of calling into life the series APPROPRIATING LANGUAGE was to raise the awareness and sensitivity of the public towards artists that reinvest in text by pursuing and using language in their visual artworks.

Since three years Manière Noire has been a unique stage for coming and going, yet haunting exhibitions, introducing its guests to important issues and ideas.

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Manière Noire

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