SAVVY Contemporary

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SAVY Contemporary ist ein Laboratorium für konzeptuelle, intellektuelle, künstlerische und kulturelle Entwicklungen. Zudem steht der Austausch im Fokus des interdisziplinären Ateliers. Alle zwei Monate präsentiert SAVVY Contemporary eine neue Ausstellung in ihren Ausstellungsräumen.




SAVVY Contemporary – The laboratory of form-ideas is a lab of conceptual, intellectual, artistic and cultural development and exchange; an atelier in which ideas are transformed to forms and forms to ideas, or gain cognition in their status quo. This is achieved with respect to conception, implementation and contestation of ideas with/in time and space. Every two months, SAVVY Contemporary will present an exhibition in its gallery space aimed at fostering the dialogue between “western art” and “non-western art”. In this light, a curator will be invited by SAVVY’s art direction to further invite an artist from Europe or North-America and another artist from Africa, South-America, Asia or Australia. This “trialogue” will be “moderated” by the invited curator. The process of the trialogue and its result will culminate in an exhibition and a publication to the exhibition.

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SAVVY Contemporary

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